5 thoughts on “What Did Bill Mean To Me?

  1. To the Mallory family, my heart goes out to you. Coach Mal was the greatest man I’ve ever known.

    Mike Fette
    Class of 1994


  2. I was visiting campus with my dad and as a potential student and aspiring “true walk-on” we stopped by the football complex. When we walked in a G.A. (Frank Kurth) introduced himself and offered to take us on a tour of the facilities. During the tour, Coach walked by introduced himself and told me to stop by his office when we were through. (For a Midwestern kid who grew up in a Big Ten family, who just wanted an opportunity to walk-on, I was in awe. The Big Ten Coach of the Year wanted to talk to me, a potential student/player whom he never heard of prior to that morning wanted to actually take the time to get to know me!) My decision to attend IU was made right then and there.

    We finished the tour and Coach invited me into his office. He asked me what I wanted to do and I answered with what positions I played in high school and what I thought I could play in college. He quickly smiled and clarified what he meant was “What did I want to study and subsequently do with my life?” We proceeded to talk (really he talked and I listened) about life, school, family and even a little football. He said he treated everybody the same, from the star to the walk-on and if I worked hard he would give me the opportunity to make the team.

    When I got back to the car, I told my dad my decision was made. I was attending IU.

    Thank you Coach!
    Andrew Novak
    Class of 1992


  3. IU is a basketball school they told me. I came down in ‘88 and everyone was talking about the FOOTBALL program! We just beat Michigan and Ohio State. I didn’t know much about college football but suddenly I was HOOKED! Big time! To this day the only sport that really excites me is IU football. Basketball is alright but it ain’t football!

    And I owe most of my fandom to Coach Mallory who lit a fire in this place like no one has done since but we sure hope comes again soon!

    I know his last season was lackluster, but boy did it end on a great note! I’m proud to say I drove down from Chicago to West Lafayette to watch the Big 10 winless Hoosiers stun the Boilers in a 33-16 rout! What a send off for Coach!

    Rest In Peace Coach Mallory! You are a true legend. And thank you for creating one more die hard IU football fan in me.


  4. Mo Moriarity-
    There are so many, not sure where to start. The only man I respected as much as Coach Mallory was my dad, both are gone now.
    Some of the best memories were trips we took together to attend clinics or go to spring practice at Ball State when Curt was an assistant there. I was driving and he would tell stories about his coaching days – covering each of his stops in his career. I can’t tell you how exciting that was – listening to him talk about his time with Woody!
    I came to Bloomington in 1987 as a young coach and was able to learn from the best – not just football but how to do things the right way.
    I love him and will miss him!


  5. I have had the honor of knowing Coach Mallory and the whole family since 1980. My dad actually coached Curt in little league baseball. Still today the Mallory’s make me feel like family! I played for Coach at NIU and learned such a great deal from him, commitment, hardwork, loyalty, dedication and the will to succeed. He built a foundation with his kind of players, tough, hard nosed midwestern kids. Coach Curt Mallory will do the same as he has the same charcater as his father! There will never be another Bill Mallory, the college football world has lost an amazing man! Love you Coach Mal!


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