Donations Blog

Donation Blog.jpgThis will feature all the donations and messages along with it honoring Bill Mallory and who it is from.


We want to thank the following people for their donations “In Memory of Bill Mallory”


Mr. Dave Enright

Mr. Joe Mele

Mr. Stephen W. and Mrs. Kelly A. Thomas

Mr. Dan and Mrs. Denise Thompson


Mr. Kevin Abrams

Ms. Julie D. Adams

Mr. Todd Bishop

Ms. Joani Crean

Mr. Rich K. and Mrs. Julie G. Dawson

Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Agnela Dennison

Mr. Mark Freeman

Mr. David Heidi

Ms. Jude A. Killy

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kia Locksley

Ms. Kelly Petrino

Mr. Steven Smith

Mr. Brent and Mrs. Molly Vigen

Mr. Edward Warm